Article 19 of Cosmetic Regulation 2009/1223 defines how the labeling must be for the products which are served in UK market.

Following informations appear on the labels in English language:

• Name and address of the Responsible Person
• Country of origin for imported products
• Nominal quantity of contents
• Date of minimum durability (“Best Before” date) or (where the minimum durability is more than 30 months) a ‘Period After Opening’ (PAO)
• Warning statements and precautionary information
• Batch number
• Product function, when not obvious from its packaging / presentation
• List of ingredients prepared regarding to the glossary of Common Ingredient names

For a full compliance of your product’s labels and packages, Macro Professional UK will review and ensure your compliance to the regulations about labels and packaging.

United Kingdom Regulation 2009/1223’s article 20 is about claims of your cosmetic product and also the proofs for your claims. But also this is a subject of a seperated regulation with number 655/2013 in EU which is just only dedicated for the claims and their proof. This regulation aims to ensure your claims to be understandable, beneficial and also to be honest. You claim should inform the final user to make a decision for choosing the most suitable product for their expectations and needs.

Claim is a sensitive and a very strictly controlled part of a cosmetic product, so our experts are very experienced about the claims and Macro Professional UK helps you to save time and money by avoiding rejection because of a inappropriate claim.

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