According to United Kingdom Regulation 2009/2013 for cosmetics products, which entered into force on January 1, 2021, it is requested to establish a product safety assessment report for the products currently on the market or newly introduced to the market. Safety Assessment of a cosmetic product is a part of Cosmetic Product Safety Report and should prove that the chemical components of the cosmetic product and the product itself is safe for human health.

Margin of Safety (MoS) of product components must be calculated in the product safety assessment report. The highest application amount (No observed adverse effect level – NOAEL) of the substance for which no adverse effect is observed, is used in MoS calculations. Furthermore, in order to be able to evaluate all toxicological routes of absorption and systematic effects, the amount of expected blood cross-over of the component, ie Systematic Exposure Dose (SED), is also required.

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